Michigan Corporate Challenge – Where Work Meets Play!

The Michigan Corporate Challenge (MC²) is a professionally run, series of Employee Fun Events Developed by Cooper & Partners

The mission of the Michigan Corporate Challenge is to:

  •  Partner with companies to help them develop a healthy work environment
  • Provide our partners with the strategies to build a culture of teamwork
  • Make a difference by financially supporting worthy charities

The Michigan Corporate Challenge will leverage Michigan’s unique characteristics and strengths to accomplish the overall Mission. It will provide Four Seasons of exciting, healthy, fun activities for employees of Michigan Companies, all in the spirit of team building, health promotion and friendly competition.

The Medals, awards, and competition are a pivotal aspect of the Challenge But…The true rewards of the Corporate Challenge are:

  • The impact on Healthy Lifestyles
  • The team building, company pride and spirit displayed by participants
  • The significant funds raised for Michigan Charities


Ingham County Parks are looking forward to hosting the first MICHIGAN CORPORATE CHALLENGE!