Friends Awarded Grant

Friends of Ingham County Parks receive $10,000 grant
from Capital Region Community Foundation.

The Friends of Ingham County Parks are pleased to announce a grant of $10,000 has been received from Capital Region Community Foundation. The grant for “Ingham County Parks FREE School Field Trips,” will provide funding to support the cost associated with over 14,000 school children who visit the Ingham County Parks each year.

Capital Region Community Foundation received 129 grant requests for consideration this year. “We are honored and thankful that the CRCF Grant Review Committee saw value in our request,” Karen Fraser, Director of Development for the Friends said when receiving notification of the grant being received.

The Ingham County Parks have always had a program that provided free picnic shelters to schools and youth groups during the week. Along with that came free entry for the school busses transporting the children. Until the last three years the Parks Commission was able to provide this program with little concern of the cost. Working with a smaller operating budget has caused the Ingham County Parks to look closely at several free programs offered by the Parks and how they can be continued.

Historically, the Friends focused on projects such as the Hawk Island Playground or the Lake Lansing Band Shell. When approached by the Parks Department to support addition funding for the Parks, Friends of Ingham County Parks Vice President, Alfreda Schmidt was quick to support the concept of a broader fundraising role for the Friends. When Mrs. Schmidt learned that the grant from Capital Region Community Foundation had been received she noted “this is exactly the kind of financial support the Friends want to provide to the Parks, we have to make sure children can come to the Parks.”

The Friends of Ingham County Parks (FRIENDS) is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization formed in 1999. The FRIENDS are a group of citizens committed to supporting, identifying, planning, funding and implementing select improvements within the Ingham County Parks system. Through active citizen involvement we strive in conjunction with the Parks Department to provide financial assistance to support park operations to enhance the quality of life for park visitors and county residents.