Improved Entrance to Lake Lansing!


Thank you to Meridian Township for the matching funds for the ADA sidewalk entrance to Lake Lansing Park South! This will make our beautiful Art Deco-type park entrance that much better. Grass is nice, but the resulting access wasn’t often used. This enhancement will raise the profile of the park entrance.

Donations to the Friends go quickly and directly toward making specific park projects happen!

(Photo: Larry from the Bandshell Committee, Jeff Potter for the Friends, Deborah Guthrie for the Township, Teri Banas for the County Park Commission.)

It was neat having the presentation at the revived Ski Lodge in Lake Lansing Park North. Winter fun is a thing! It’s great having ski amenities back in the park! …Rentals, snacks, warming stove, hot cocoa, and trail grooming! And I’d been skiing earlier!

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