Be a Park Patron! …New ‘Super’ Fundraiser for Park Pride!

The Park Patrons program is officially launched! For 2019, you can show your pride in your county parks by becoming an official Park Patron. Click the order button below and with your $100 membership, you will receive a large, deluxe parking pass for 2019 that lets you in to all parks and shows your pride and helps us do great projects!

Your $100 Patrons membership gets you: *an annual parking pass, *a year-long membership in the Friends of Ingham County Parks, *email news list, *and lets us raise money for exciting park projects!

Click here today and join!

Donate Button

Of the $100, $58 is a tax-deductible donation to the Friends while $42 goes to the County to cover the cost of the parking pass. A Patrons membership is like a super-charged parking permit and more!

The Friends “cherry pick” our favorite projects to support and finance from a list of fun, high-impact projects in the Master Plan. We can also propose other projects. Every member’s input is welcome.

The County is very encouraging of our efforts. The Friends teams up with local businesses and grant-givers. We can also accept endowments from benefactors. We are the public/private interface for the Parks.

Thanks to the new Patrons program, our parks can become even more exciting!